The perfect road to good Karma comes from balance, and is better expressed using 3X7 as a symbol and not just a name. The power is so deep, and so divine that everyday it reveals truer and newer meanings. The “3” is simplified from pie because it holds absolute value for the circle of life. The “7” is of course lucky and is significant in Karma’s complex strategy. Holding everything together creates an “X”, which is the balancing point between Truth (3), and Good (7), making “X” mark the path. Choosing to follow the signs will lead you on your journey towards perfect Karma bringing you satisfaction, and happiness in life.


About 3X7

Formed in 2001 in Western Kansas, the band 3X7 ("Three-ex-Seven") is a modern rock band who parallels the styles of Shinedown, Foo Fighters, and the alternative rock genre. Aside from their original music, the band, 3X7, is also a full-time cover band that is able to perform over six hours of cover song material; plus five hours of original music! Current members include James Dean on lead vocals/guitar; Kenny Zahn on guitar/vocals; Brian Frick on guitar/vox; Ryan Kaiser on Bass/Vox; John Lapka on Drums. After their assembly, 3X7 was playing, and has continued to play hundreds of shows and festivals in Western Kansas, and in the mean while, they have expanded their performances out of state. The band released their first full length original album in the spring of 2005, which was recorded at Mostly Music Production’s studio in WaKeeney, KS. The band funded, pressed, and sold one-thousand copies of the album “Changing the Odds”, while proceeding to tour and expand. The band’s second studio album, a.k.a. “The Thinker Album,” was recorded at Planet Paul Studio in Wichita, KS in the fall of 2008, and released later that December. Again, they funded, pressed, and sold one-thousand copies. Over the next couple years, the band toured and changed members to develop the current compatible line-up of members. In the past year, 3X7 has funded all new equipment, continued to play shows and festivals, and recorded a new demo in Nashville, Tennessee with a major-label production company. 3X7 will continue to grow exponentially in the coming months as their originals gain spotlight in contemporary music. As for the covers, well… “There is no song the band cannot cover” is what 3X7 has claimed… They enjoy playing the rather difficult covers that are seldom played by anything less than a high-quality cover band. This band is notorious for their four hour shows! Also, they are the band perpetuating the genre “Aluminum Rock,” whose characteristics follow the properties of the common metal, (hard, yet malleable). All of the band’s accomplishments, to this date, have been entirely independent of record labels, agents, and promoters. In summary of this band, 3X7 has become a two-dimensional rock group that has created thriving success, due to its musical variety, talent, and hard work ethics. For now, 3X7 continues writing their third album of original songs and adding to their list of covers.