Kenny Zahn

September 29, 1988

From the first moment I thought about being a musician, I knew I had found my path in life. The very first time I heard Slash ripping out one of his solos, I knew it was magic in the world. Everywhere I turned and every time I listened, I could catch a glimpse of some hidden essence emanating beyond those sounds. I had to understand it completely.

I studied music and guitar post secondary after high school. By that time, I had been in a band, gigged, toured, and lived the lifestyle which many rock n rollers are accustomed. I sought that glimpse many times on my escapade before finally capturing the understanding that which a young, naive mind was lacking.

There is much more to music than the guitar, or any instrument for that matter. Such tools only communicate those feelings and thoughts that hold the hidden nature of our selves and the universe in their depths. So, I discovered, the magic was not in those sounds, but in the world itself.

-Kenny Zahn-